Past Winners 2016

Sandlapper Capital Investments

Founded by Gordon in 2005, Sandlapper is a full-service broker-dealer and dealer man-ager of investment products. It boasts a team that has decades of experience across a broad range of industries and investment vehicles covering both the public and private markets. These industries include packaged product anal-ysis, commercial real estate equity and debt, tax credits and shelter programs, oil and gas and related industries, equipment leasing, corporate and municipal debt, and other debt obligations and portfolio management.

  1. Sandlapper Capital Investments
  2. Response Packaging
  3. 9Round Franchising
  4. Logisticus Group
  5. OTO Development
  6. JEAR Logistics
  7. Vapor Apparel
  8. Facility Solutions
  9. Integrated Biometrics
  10. Green Cloud Technologies
  11. Davis Supply of Charleston
  12. Lima One Capital
  13. Good Done Great
  14. Blue Acorn
  15. SynTerra Corporation
  16. Atlantic-Pacific Express, Inc.
  17. KeyMark Inc.
  18. WCM Global Wealth
  19. A3 Communications
  20. Website Pipeline
  21. Palmetto Sports Fundraising
  22. Creative Builders
  23. Carolina Alliance Bank
  24. Ob Hospitalist Group
  25. Thomas Mechanical