Past Winners 2011

Barling Bay

Barling Bay, Inc. offers leading edge solutions to Federal Government customers, with a focus on Systems Engineering, Information Assurance/Security, Research and Development as well as Management and Administration. They provide the appropriate people, processes and quality programs to enable successful integration of programmatic, technical and operational enviroments. Revenue increases of 730% for the last three financial periods acccouts for the reason why Barling Bay covets the number one spot.

  1. Barling Bay
  2. Southern Tide
  3. Levelwing Media
  4. Select Health of South Carolina
  5. Thomas Glover Associates
  6. Pegasus Steel
  7. Human Technologies
  8. Returnable Packaging Resource
  9. SCRA
  10. Dennis Corporation
  11. Lindbergh & Associates
  12. Customer Effective Solutions
  13. Rhythmlink International
  14. UEC Electronics
  15. Arnold Construction Corporation
  16. eGroup, Inc.
  17. Hagler Systems
  18. Williams & Fudge
  19. JH Global Services
  20. Chancel Builders
  21. Infinity Marketing Solutions
  22. Triplett-King & Associates
  23. Carolina Filters
  24. General Information Services
  25. Sabal Homes